November 1st is
Ryukyu History and Culture Day

Okinawa has in its long history fostered respect for ancestors, reverence for nature, and chimugukuru, or empathy, that leans on other people’s pain. Since ancient times, Okinawa has also absorbed various cultures through trade with Asian countries, and has created a refined, unique and diverse traditional culture.

November 1st has been declared as “Ryukyu History and Culture Day.” This day not only gives a deeper understanding of Okinawa’s history and culture until now, it also marks an opportunity for creating new history and culture going forward.


Seeking Video Submissions

We are marking the anniversary of November 1st being established as Ryukyu History and Culture Day by taking applications for videos performances of Kagiyadefu, a traditional Okinawan dance, in various scenery in the world.

Eligible Applicants Uchinanchu living outside of Okinawa or overseas
How to Apply Please download the audio recording prepared by our office and perform the Kagiyadefu dance along with the music. Fill out the necessary details in the application form and apply upon attaching the filmed video.
Video Specifications HD quality (1280×720pixel)or higher is recommended.
Video can be submitted in mp4, mov、wmv、avi、flv、f4v、mpg(mpeg) formats.
Video aspect ratio should be 16:9 landscape.
Only videos unpublished elsewhere are accepted.
Application Deadline Must be received by Thursday, 5:00PM on September 30th, 2021
Management Office Ryukyu History and Culture Day Management Office (ADSTAFF-HAKUHODO Inc.) Contact: Miyazato, Ameku
Address: 1-11-15 Kiyuna, Ginowan City (Corporas Kiyuna 105), Okinawa, JAPAN
Phone:+81-98-862-4724(Inquiries: 10:00AM to 5:00PM(JST) weekdays)

How to Apply

Click the music download button to download the prepared audio recording, and perform the kagiyadefu dance along with the music.
Enter the necessary details in the application form on the bottom of this page and apply upon attaching the filmed video.

Application Form

Enter Applicant Information
Video Upload

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Representative name
Organization Name
Birth Date and Year
Country and Region of Residence
E-mail Address
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Phone number
Agree to the application terms.

①Works that violate laws or public policy can not be submitted.
②Works that feature self-advertisements for specific individuals or organizations, or works used for their own commercial purposes can not be submitted.
③Works that portray Okinawa in a negative or undignified light can not be submitted.
④Works that discriminate, slander or threaten 3rd parties, or violate privacy or human rights, can not be submitted.
⑤Other works that are recognized as being inappropriate for approval can not be submitted.
⑥Please acquire permission from creators if using copyrighted materials or individual likenesses in your videos.
⑦Copyrights for submitted videos belongs to the creators. However, Okinawa Prefecture shall be able to freely use, without paying compensation, submitted works that are within the scope of PR for Okinawa.
⑧Okinawa Prefecture will not pay expenses incurred in the creation of submitted videos. While we appreciate all submissions, please understand that we can not provide rewards to thank applicants.
⑨Please do not display the names of creators or performers in your videos.